In-Person Learning

October 20: 3rd & 4th grade 

Begin In-Person Learning, full day

7:45am - 3:00pm


School doors will be opened at 7:45 am.  Parents must remain with their cars. 

If a student is tardy, the student should buzz the door.  The parent will need to sign them in late, but must do this outside.  

Students in grades 1 and 2 who are returning to school on Oct. 13 and plan to use the car line will need to enter through the lower lot entrance and form one line coming up the hill along the sidewalk that leads to the front office.  Parents will need to stay in their cars.


Buses will be transporting and parents can find bus stop times on the website.


Car dismissal will look the same as in past years with families forming 3 lines coming up the hill towards the main office.  Parents will remain in their cars.  Children will be called by school staff and will walk to their car. 

Traffic will remain parked until all children reach their cars. 


There will be no dismissals between 2:30 and 3:00.  For early dismissals, families will need to call the office when they arrive on property.  We will bring your child to your car with the sign out form as long as it is before 2:30.

Hand Washing

Hand washing or sanitizing will occur when students enter or exit the classroom.  Hand sanitizer stations are set up in all classrooms and in multiple places in the building.

Breakfast and lunch will be free for all students through December.  Students are welcome to bring their lunch from home, but may not share or bring food for anyone else. 

Masks are required by all students and staff at all times inside the building unless they are eating or drinking.  Masks will be provided, but can be brought by students.  

Standard School Attire

To help families reduce expenses, Westmeade removed all SSA restrictions for this year.  Shorts, dresses and skirts should extend below the fingertips.  Shirts should have sleeves and should not contain questionable content.  Other than this, students can wear their normal street attire.  Shoes will need to secure to their feet for safety purposes.

School Supplies
School supplies are already in your child's classroom.  If the teachers need anything else, they will let you know.  The district has done an amazing job stocking us with PPE and cleaning supplies.  We have plenty of soap and sanitizer along with masks, gloves and face shields

Water Fountains

Water fountains in all hallways and classrooms have been turned off for safety reasons so students will need to bring a water bottle from home.  We have water bottle filling stations in the building that students will be able to use.