Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

Born 1454

Died 1512





Coronado's route
Francisco Vasquez deCoronado

Coronado was the governor of one of the provinces of Mexico. Coronado heard people talk of 7 cities of gold. He took 300 soldiers to look for them.  He found the Grand Canyon instead.  Coronado and his men found no gold, but they explored most of the desert southwest looking for it.  He went as far North as Kansas. He claimed all the land for Spain.
Coronado got to the Zuni pueblo. When the Spanish met any Indians they read the requirimiento .  It required that they

  • become Christians. 
  • accept the King and Queen of Spain as their rulers.

If they didn’t say yes they would become slaves. The Zuni did not speak Spanish.  They did not understand what Coronado said.  They fought Coronado, but he had guns and many soldiers.  Soon the Zuni lost the fight. When he got home he was not welcomed.  He was found guilty of doing terrible things to the Indians. He lost his job. He worked as a clerk in Mexico City. He died in 1554.