Bartolomeu Dias



Born 1457

Died 1500



  Dias Route






dias stamp

Dias' route
Bartolomeu Dias

Bartolomeu Dias was a navigator.  He discovered the Cape of Good Hope.   He did not call it that.  He called it the Cape of Storms.  It was a very dangerous place.  The King didn’t want people to be afraid so he changed the name.
His first expedition had three ships.  They left Lisbon to find the sea route around Africa.  He was the first European to sail around the Cape of Good Hope.

He tried to stay close to the coast.  A bad storm drove his ships out to sea. They did not know that they were blown around the tip of Africa.  When the storm ended they were in the Indian Ocean.  He was lost at sea just two years later.  Cabral died in 1526.  He was forgotten.






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